Use services now, pay later.

If your account balance is AMD 100 or less, activate the “Recharge+” service and continue using VivaCell-MTS services for up to AMD 200.

To activate the service simply dial *221#.

The service activation fee is AMD 20. It is charged, upon the expiry of the service validity period after the service deactivation in case of sufficient funds on the account balance after deactivation. In case of insufficient funds on the balance, the fee is deducted upon the next top-up.

By the way, the service can be paid for also by using the funds transferred by means of “Poghancum” service.

To check the account balance please dial *122#.


  • Starting from 25.07.2016 the service is available to subscribers of “Alo We”, “Dialect”, “YES” and “Viva” prepaid tariff plans.
  • The service can be used within 3 days after the activation.
  • The amount for the services consumed during the “Recharge+” service validity period, as well as the service activation fee shall be paid within 4 days after the deactivation of the service, otherwise it will be blocked for the subscriber for 90 days.
  • Change of ownership is not possible during the service validity period.
  • The service is not available after the expiration of the validity period of the card.