4G Router

Subscribe to one of “Home-Zone Turbo”, “Office-Zone”, “Internet Express”, “MTS Connect LTE”*, “Live Stream” Internet tariff plans and packages for 12 months, and get the “Huawei B310s-22” or “MTS E5172” LTE Wi-Fi router providing up to 150 Mbps speed for free.

Tariff plan

“Huawei B310s-22” or “MTS E5172”

12-month subscription

“Home-Zone Turbo”

for free


for free

“Internet Express”

for free

“MTS Connect LTE”*

for free

“Live Stream”

for free

*Except for “Internet Small” tariff plan.

Archive - packages, which are no more commercially available



Packages based on the router cannot be used in roaming.

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