Changes in the General terms of provisioning mobile electronic communication Services

27 December 2016

VivaCell-MTS informs that starting from January 10, 2017 changes are envisioned in the items 6.8.7, 6.8.10 and 6.8.11 General Terms of Provisioning Mobile Electronic Communication Services, which will be in effect in the following edition:

6.8.7 When making payment, the Subscriber is obliged to indicate correctly in the payment document his/her Telephone Number, as well as the number of billing invoice or tax invoice.

6.8.10 In case of failure to make payments within stipulated terms and/or exceeding the envisaged limitations, the Operator is entitled to suspend the facility of using outgoing communication and/or other Services, without any notification. In case of not receiving the payments within 10 (ten) days after the expiry of the stipulated term, the Operator is entitled to completely suspend the Services.

6.8.11 In case of absence of any other written agreement, the Contract shall be deemed terminated with no need of any notification, if the Subscriber does not apply to the Operator for reconnection of fully suspended Services (including by fulfilling all the obligations) by the 25th day (inclusive) of the second month following the complete suspension of the Services, irrespective of the reasons of Service suspension.

Follow the link to read the full text of the General Terms of Provisioning Mobile Electronic Communication Services.