“YES” Tariff Plan

You are young and you love freedom and active communication… Choose the “YES” prepaid tariff plan and talk to your friends, send them SMS and surf the Internet with the best tariffs. Everything is in your hands because you are young…

 And the most important, in case your friends choose the “YES” tariff plan as well, you can talk to each other for only AMD 1 per minute from university territories*.

To switch to “YES” tariff plan simply dial *131*555#. Switching fee is AMD 500.

Activate the “Super 0” service that gives an opportunity to make unlimited on-net calls, send on-net SMS, as well as to use 1500 MB of high-speed Internet for 30 days or activate the “Super 0 Daily” service to make unlimited on-net calls for 1 day.

“YES” tariff plan subscribers can also activate the “Super couple” service, providing unlimited on-net calls andInternet, including a daily 500 MB high-speed Internet package, for 1 day.

For more information about these services go to “Discounts and special offers” section.

Visit VivaCell-MTS service center, subscribe to the “YES” tariff plan, and let nothing limit your freedom any more.


Local calls
When calling from university territories*
When calling from other areas
Within “YES” tariff plan
To VivaCell-MTS
To RA other GSM networks
To RA fixed networks
To 374 97 GSM network
To 374 47 fixed network
Within “YES” tariff plan
To other destinations
All websites

All prices include VAT.
* For the list of university territories covered by the “YES” tariff plan click here.
International call tariffs


  • The “SMS Package”, “My World” and “Midnight” services are not available for “YES” tariff plan subscribers.
  • “Super 0”, “Super 0 Daily” and “Super couple” services cannot be activated after the validity period of the mobile phone card expiration.
  • In case the subscriber does not deactivate the “Super 0”, “Super 0 Daily” or the “Super couple” services upon the expiration of the activity period and there are sufficient funds on subscriber’s account the service is automatically prolonged.
  • After the activation of the “Super couple” service, in case there is airtime and/or Internet package on subscriber’s account, first the airtime and Internet provided by the “Super couple” service are consumed, afterwards, the existing airtime and the services provided by the Internet package, except the services provided by “Super BIT1” as well as “Super 0 Daily” packages.
  • Activity period of the “Super 0 Daily” and the “Super couple” services is 24 hours, starting from the moment of service activation.
  • In case the “Super 0”, “Super 0 Daily” and the “Super couple” services remain activated while in roaming the price of the calls is charged according to the tariffs set for roaming.
  • Before activating the “Super 0” service, make sure the card validity period is sufficient for the whole activity period of the service; otherwise, in case of the expiry of the card validity period, the service will be terminated.

  • All prices include VAT.