Viva tariff plans

Choose the option that suits best your communication needs from the comfortable and affordable “Viva” postpaid tariff plans.

For a fixed fee get airtime to VivaCell-MTS network, RA other, 374 97 GSM and 374 47 fixed networks; to Russia, US and Canada, as well as an opportunity to send SMS, and, last but not least, Internet.

Card provisioning terms

Connection fee – AMD 0

Guarantee deposit (reimbursed during the 4th month) – AMD 0-20000, depending on the credit limit
Guarantee deposit (for non-resident subscribers) –
Viva NR 7500-AMD 17000, Viva NR 5500 - AMD 13000, Viva NR 3500– AMD 9000. The credit limit is AMD 1000.

Activating “Viva 5500” and “Viva7500” options till February 1, 2017, you can use the 5500 and 7500 minutes of airtime respectively, for calls within VivaCell-MTS network and to MTS Russia. 

The dialing format of calls to MTS-Russia is as follows: 77 00 [country code] [destination number], for example: 77 00 [7] 9780 1234567.

The offer is available also for subscribers who already have active “Viva 5500” or “Viva7500” bundles. 

Options provided by “Viva” postpaid tariff plans


Viva 2500

Viva 3500

Viva 5500

Viva 7500

Monthly Fee

AMD 2500

AMD 3500

AMD 5500

AMD 7500

On-net airtime

2500 minutes

3500 minutes

5500 minutes

7500 minutes

Airtime to RA other, 374 97 GSM and 374 47 fixed networks; to Russia, US and Canada  (dialing order: 77 00 [country code] [destination number])

    50 minutes

100 minutes

200 minutes

350 minutes

SMS to RA GSM networks






2000 MB

3000 MB

5000 MB

10 000 MB

Tariffs of services after the consumption of the packages

To VivaCell-MTS network

5 AMD/minute

To RA other GSM networks

35 AMD/minute

To 374 97 GSM network

To 374 47 fixed network

To RA fixed networks
25 AMD/minute

To MTS-Russia (dialing order:

77 00 [country code] [destination number])

30 AMD/minute

SMS to RA other GSM networks


SMS to other destinations




To check the account balance subscribers simply need to send the corresponding command.




Checking the cost of consumed services


Checking the cost of consumed Internet


Entering the menu of commands


Checking the embedded airtime and SMS balance


Checking the embedded Internet balance


The embedded airtime, SMS and Internet balance as well as the cost of consumed services can be checked by calling 111 and following the voice prompts.

“Fast” service 

The “Fast” service allows subscribers of the “Viva 2500”, “Viva 3500” and “Viva 5500” postpaid tariff plans to initiate switching to larger options of the “Viva” tariff plan via the mobile phone without visiting a service center.

To use this opportunity, one simply needs to apply for the switch of the tariff plan, by dialing *198# from the mobile phone and, entering the USSD menu, choose the corresponding option.

By the way, you can also initiate the switch directly by sending the command of the preferable option:


Current option

Preferable option

Viva 3500

Viva 5500

Viva 7500

Viva 2500




Viva 3500




Viva 5500




Viva 7500




After submitting the application your phone number is included in the corresponding list. And in case the switching process is successfully completed, the switch to the “Viva 3500”, “Viva 5500” or “Viva 7500” tariff plan is done on the last day of the current month.

The service is provided free of charge.

To terminate the application, one should simply enter the *198# menu and choose the termination command or simply send *198*0#.


  • After switching to “Viva 7500” tariff plan, the credit limit, debt amount and all other account terms are maintained.
  • The switching can be terminated till 17:00 of the last day of the current month.
  • “Fast” service is available only for individual subscribers.

International call tariffs

Other terms

Change of number – AMD 1000

Temporary suspension upon request (max. 1 year) – AMD 500 per month

Monthly fee for incoming calls only – AMD 800 per month


  • The free on-net airtime and SMS cannot be used for making calls or sending SMS to premium/short numbers.
  • The embedded on-net airtime, SMS and Internet cannot be used in roaming.
  • “SMS Package”, “Internet Package” and “My World” services are not available for “Viva 7500” tariff plan subscribers.
  • VivaCell-MTS does not guarantee the provision of calls to MTS Russia within the promotion in case the phone number receiving the call in Russia is ported to another mobile network of Russia within mobile network portability service.
  • To check the compatibility of the mobile card with 4G network, one should send *776#.
  • Upon the consumption of the 4G internet package, the subscriber continues to use the main package.
  • The 4G package can only be activated once. The activity period of the package is 30 days from the moment of activation.
  • Using 4G internet-package is possible only in case of having an activated “Viva” option.
  • All prices include VAT.