When will the packages provided within my “Viva” prepaid tariff plan be reactivated?
What will happen if I do not have sufficient account balance for reactivation of the packages after 30 days of their activation?
I am “Viva 1500” tariff plan subscriber. Can I switch to another “Viva” tariff plan, if my packages are still active?
Is it possible to switch back from “Viva” tariff plan to my old tariff plan via USSD code?
I have been using “Viva” tariff plan for 30 days and I have not had sufficient balance on my account today so the activation of the packages has not prolonged. How can I activate them?
Can I use the code *161*0# to manually deactivate automatic prolongation of activation of services each month?
If I have monthly “BIT 30”, “Super 0” or other service offering free airtime or Internet, will they be active, if I switch to any of “Viva” tariff plans?
Is there a possibility to deactivate the automatic prolongation of activation of services each month?
Will the tariff plan activation fee be automatically charged in roaming?
I am “Viva 1500” tariff plan subscriber. I would like to switch to “Viva 2500” when my current packages are expired. How can I do it?
I have converted 30 minutes within VivaCell-MTS network using my “VivaCell-MTS Bonus” points and still have unused minutes at the time of switching to one of “Viva” tariff plans. Will the unused minutes be transferred to the new “Viva” tariff plan?
How can I switch to “Viva” prepaid tariff plan?
I have fully consumed one of packages for example, the Internet package but still have a few days until package reactivation (automatic prolongation). Can I reset all my packages before the expiration of the 30-day validity period of the current package?
What other services are available for “Viva” tariff plans?
If I activate “BIT 1”or “Super BIT 1” service while having an active Internet package provided within “Viva” tariff plan, which will I consume first?
The activity period of the packages provided within “Viva” tariff plan has expired. I would like to switch to another option of “Viva” tariff plan. How can I do it?